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Growing Resilient Communities

The Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya (PRI-Kenya)  is a Kenyan registered NGO dedicated to promoting permaculture ethics, principles and techniques through education, project development, networking and research. Our permaculture training programmes and projects combine local indigenous solutions with new sustainability science for the creation of regenerative, diverse and nutritious food systems and resource effective water and energy systems.

OUR AIM: Give East African communities the tools they need to build empowered, self sufficient, climate change resilient, healthy and food secure communities.

OUR VISION: An Africa-led development towards a sustainable future that has Care of the Earth, Care of People and Fair Distribution of Resources at its core.


Kiswahili PDC, in Arusha, TZ
5th-16th May 2014
with Food Water Shelter >> REGISTER

PDC, in Arusha, TZ
26th May – 6th June 2014
with Food Water Shelter >> REGISTER

PDC with John Sheffy, in Kenya
1st – 20th June 2014 >> REGISTER